When Spelunking meets Oenology…

A uniquely Ardeche experience, the « SpéleOenologie » invites you to dive under the terroir of the Côtes du Rhône Villages.
A professional spelunker and a wine expert (winemaker or sommelier), will lead you inside a wonderful network of tunnels and spectacular rooms, dugged under the canyon of the Ardèche river, at the cave of St Marcel d’Ardèche.

There, you will discover the aging place of the Vinolithic, one of the best Cuvée of the domain. You will immerge yourself in the birth place of the wine's Terroir. A true exploration of taste in an unusual environment. A true Journey in the center of the Terroir !



More info on the web site created for this extraordinary activity:  https://www.speleo-oenolgie.com




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